Looking for the Positive Lesson in a Bad Situation

  One of the coolest art markets in New Orleans is losing its prime location. The details are too infuriating to recount, but it comes down to greed and the power to steal someone else’s dream once it becomes a reality. Supposedly, the spot will still be an art market, but run by the land […]

The Setbacks Only Become Failures if you Quit

  I’m starting to see a little positive momentum with my books. Nothing to write home about, and most of it is due to my crackerjack marketing team. They’re smart enough to not bother me with what they’re doing, and I try to be smart enough not to interfere. It’s just very encouraging to look […]

Defining Success

  Every few years Deanna and I reevaluate where we are with our lives and professions. Early on we realized money was only a means to an end. It’s not what defines us or is even a reasonable measure of how we’re doing. Of course that proves to be a challenge when we’re dealing with […]

Convenience is my Vice

  Typically, we don’t spend a ton of money. There just isn’t anything either one of us wants. Deanna is fonder of travel than I am, but even then her trips are usually more for work than play. And, contrary to what many people who know me may think, I do know how to cook […]

The Title of Doctor is Gender Neutral

  I’ve enjoyed Doctor Who from the moment my father introduced me to the show back in the Tom Baker days. For seven years Tom was The Doctor. That’s a long run for any show. I was crushed when he regenerated. Peter Davison was good, and I’d seen him in All Creatures Great and Small […]

The Positive Choice

  I’ve put off writing about this topic as a lot of people who know me roll their eyes when I get going on it. But with what I’ve been reading lately, pretty much everywhere, being so negative I thought it was worth getting back on my soapbox. I’m a firm believer in “Where you […]

Kicking it Up a Notch

  I was waiting in line for my favorite neighborhood chef last night and a fellow patron whom I see on a regular basis mentioned I looked tired. I feel tired, but in a good way. Lately both Deanna and I are trying to push ourselves a little harder. For the last couple of books, […]

It’s a Marathon

  Writing takes work, and not just the sit at the keyboard and bang out words work. I have to fill my mind with images, people, actions, plots, the list goes on and on. And I have to be continuously aware of what’s going on around me in case something interesting crosses my path. That […]

Production or Perfection

  I had a conversation a few years back with a fellow glass artist about the best way to build one’s reputation. His take was that even a newbie should release only the absolute best and everything else should be trashed so their name is never associated with lower quality work. Glass art can be […]

Back in Gear

I took yesterday off and just vegged around the house. I didn’t like it much. Somedays my brain is just mush and I can’t put two words together without feeling like one of them needs to be edited. I had fun going out the night before and used that as the excuse for my laziness. […]