Where Does this Scene Go?

When I’m writing I sometimes end up with scenes that don’t go anywhere. They’re usually the result of me trying to write my way into the story without having an idea of where I’m going. The scenes either get cut in editing or, hopefully, find meaning later on in the book. I’ve seen the same […]

Behind the Mask

  I wonder what people think of me. Earlier in my life I was pretty aware of the impression I left on those around me. I was shy, introverted, hard to get to know. It wasn’t intentional. Being in a multi-person conversation was like being in a fencing match and I had trouble getting a […]

Another Year

  Today marks 57 years that I’ve been trying to figure things out. Life is still a mystery to me. I’m not one of those people who say they wouldn’t change a thing. There’s quite the list of moments when I wished I’d done something differently. 90% of those involve people—conversations I left too soon, […]

Something is Better Than Nothing

  I only made half the progress I wanted to yesterday, but that’s a whole lot better than the day before. I’ll take it. When I started out as a full-time glass artist I hated taking days off. It wasn’t the time away from the torch that I resented, it was the struggle to get […]

Having a Partner Helps

  D’s at a writer’s convention this week, so I’ve got the place to myself. I experience an odd combination of liberation and loneliness when she’s gone. I could write all night or I could veg in front of the TV and no one would know. Of course I could do those things if she […]

Keeping Focused

  One of the hardest parts of writing for me is keeping my brain in gear. As a glass artist I could put my hands to work, rock out to some music to prevent the inevitable self-criticism of how it was going, and let the magic happen. That mental disengagement isn’t possible with writing. So […]

Looking for the Positive Lesson in a Bad Situation

  One of the coolest art markets in New Orleans is losing its prime location. The details are too infuriating to recount, but it comes down to greed and the power to steal someone else’s dream once it becomes a reality. Supposedly, the spot will still be an art market, but run by the land […]

The Setbacks Only Become Failures if you Quit

  I’m starting to see a little positive momentum with my books. Nothing to write home about, and most of it is due to my crackerjack marketing team. They’re smart enough to not bother me with what they’re doing, and I try to be smart enough not to interfere. It’s just very encouraging to look […]

Defining Success

  Every few years Deanna and I reevaluate where we are with our lives and professions. Early on we realized money was only a means to an end. It’s not what defines us or is even a reasonable measure of how we’re doing. Of course that proves to be a challenge when we’re dealing with […]

Convenience is my Vice

  Typically, we don’t spend a ton of money. There just isn’t anything either one of us wants. Deanna is fonder of travel than I am, but even then her trips are usually more for work than play. And, contrary to what many people who know me may think, I do know how to cook […]