Having a Partner Helps


D’s at a writer’s convention this week, so I’ve got the place to myself. I experience an odd combination of liberation and loneliness when she’s gone. I could write all night or I could veg in front of the TV and no one would know.

Of course I could do those things if she were here too. I just feel guilty about not working with her toiling away upstairs—even when she’s not. I’ve been dealing with a sinus infection for the last two weeks which isn’t helping my productivity. So I need to get down to it and start racking up the word count. Lately writing has been like running in waist-deep molasses. Yesterday I gave in to the temptation to sleep and watch movies. Zero words written.

Today will be better. My head feels almost normal. I can keep my glasses on for more than five minutes without setting off a headache. Then there’s a chore or two to be done. But without her here I have to find the self-motivation to keep moving. I do miss my characters and story line. This book is on the downhill run which is the part I like best to write. I don’t really have an excuse not to write today. Time for a little self-discipline.

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