Hell or High Water

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For the devil’s daughter, even casual conversation can result in releasing a hurricane from hell.

Sere Mal-Laurette had been warned against the dangers of physically meeting Jennifer, the real woman behind her doppelgänger body. During their numerous psychic bonds, however, Sere hadn’t thought to share that instruction with Jennifer. When the housewife shows up in front of Sere’s apartment, Sere doesn’t see much choice other than to invite the woman in for a cup of coffee.

Soon after the meeting, all hell breaks loose when Myles’s sweet little dog turns into a hellhound, Fisher succumbs to his demonic possession, and an army of super-sized crawfish emerges from the swamp. Now Sere has to wonder if the warnings might have been true.

But is the widening of the hell mouth a result of the morning’s conversation, or is something more sinister at work? Once again Sere will need help to return her world to order, and this time it’ll take more than just the living variety.