Life in the Quarter Part 1

I’m sure there will be a number of posts about our new situation. We’re coming up on nine months of living in the French Quarter of New Orleans. It’s still surreal to me that we actually live here. It’s more like we’ve moved to a foreign country than another part of the city.

One of the big changes is we don’t drive. Most of the time when we do need the car we have to refer to a note pad on where we left it. Then, when it’s actually still there, it’s something of a relief. One day I fully expect it to be gone. We’ve gone over a month at a time without needing it.

The biggest question was how would we get food without needing the car. For the heavy items we have food delivered. This Instacart thing is working very well. But that’s not the fun part. Every three or four days we walk down to a nice upscale grocery store, buy fresh food and meat, a bottle of wine (for me) and other tempting items. The bread and cheese sections are very dangerous.

On the walk home we pass our favorite florist. Every week or two we get a fresh bouquet for the table. In nine months I don’t think the vase has ever been empty. Our lady knows us and even if she’s closed she opens up when she sees us on the street. One time when all the lights were off and I was headed home dejected she came running out of the parking garage saying she was just waiting for her car and would be happy to whip something up. I love that we have our people. It was one of the things we heard from everyone we knew here before we moved. Anything that we needed, they had a person. Now I get it. I’ve got my people too.

So we’re that couple. The ones carrying our canvas shopping bag full of groceries and bouquet of flowers through the streets of the French Quarter. I love being “that couple.”

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