Look What You Made Me Voodoo

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With Kendell and Myles safely back among the living, the task of keeping Colin in his place has fallen to Sanguine Delarosa. But as hell’s angel, can she resist the devil’s charms? In order to keep an eye on him, she may have to get emotionally and physically closer than she imagined possible. With the love of Sanguine, he may yet be saved.

When Colin resorts to his old ways by stealing Kendell’s soul, however, Sanguine must face the hard fact that he might not ever change. Meanwhile, the band, Myles, and the faithful dogs once again put everything at risk to rescue Kendell from hell.

Despite all of Colin’s misdeeds, Sanguine listens to his master plan of relieving people from the inevitability of death. His offer of a partnership leaves her wondering if she could be instrumental in creating a better future for humanity—or if she should continue with the team’s strategy for the devil’s ultimate destruction.