Love Me Like Voodoo

Book 7

While Sanguine is locked in hell, keeping an eye on the devil, Kendell and Myles are happy to finally get on with their lives. But Colin Malveaux has other plans. The devil will go to any lengths to get his deceased daughter back, even if it means ripping the fabric of multiple dimensions with her resurrection.

Now there’s a bigger problem. If the divide between the living, the dead, and the damned is breached, Colin will gain command of every person’s soul. As the protectors of humanity, the loas of the dead are willing to engage in all-out war to block him from taking his plan any further.

For Kendell and Myles to save the girl, stop Colin from becoming all-powerful, and prevent the coming apocalypse, they must engage in an act of interdimensional terrorism. They’ll need everyone they love to help them break the Malveaux curse and free the world of the devil.