Mardi Gras

This will be our first year living in the Quarter during Mardi Gras, and I’m easing into the season. It’s almost as if the city knows the big weekend is a loud, crazy, wild ride and everyone needs to have a little build up so it doesn’t come as a complete shock to the system. Last night was Chewbacchus, which some would argue is the real beginning of the parades. Joan of Arc is really the beginning, but that was weeks ago. I didn’t go to Chewbacchus this year, but I did enjoy watching the people on the street. As a nerdy science fiction themed parade we had nerdy people in the Quarter, which is just friggin fantastic. The parade was just a little farther away than I really felt like walking.

Like a storm that’s slowly creeping in, next week’s Krewe Du Viex parade rolls much closer to our condo. I’ve been to it in the past and love its irreverent nature. I would normally try for that one, but we’re going to Fleetwood Mac that night. I’m really excited about seeing the band I’ve loved since I was in high school. And as an added bonus the venue is walking distance. Next weekend is kind of the last relatively peaceful weekend of carnival season. From there the parades become hard to ignore.

Our favorite, without a doubt, is Barkus. It’s a dog parade. We will definitely get out to see that one. Then we have the big event. Many of the really big parades will roll two blocks from our balcony. I love them. I just hope I’m sufficiently warmed up.

Might be time to pick up that first king cake.

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