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Having killed their god, the Tobes of Jupiter are left with a void only Sam’s wife and daughters can fill. The technologically advanced beings don’t know what havoc these women intend to release across the solar system.

Jess dreams of retribution for the destruction of her homeworld, but she and her daughters face a bigger problem—the potential end of life on Earth. Turning pirate could be the only way to entice the space renegades to her cause. But while the outlaw adventurers are the only force capable of confronting the Moons of Jupiter, they aren’t very trustworthy.

Jess isn’t the only one who’s cagey with her plans. For too long, those who love Sara have kept a watchful eye on her. Freed at last, Sara must face what her father long resisted: the temptation to take ultimate power over another species.

Alone back on Earth, Emily inherits the chaos of a dying planet. As the reluctant president of Rendition, she feels the weight of the world on her tender, young shoulders.

If the three women can’t find a way to unite their secret agendas, humanity may not survive its Armageddon.