Something is Better Than Nothing


I only made half the progress I wanted to yesterday, but that’s a whole lot better than the day before. I’ll take it.

When I started out as a full-time glass artist I hated taking days off. It wasn’t the time away from the torch that I resented, it was the struggle to get back up to speed. Even a long weekend would sometimes dull my skills enough to need a day or two to get fully back into the swing of it. Working glass is largely muscle memory and instinct for knowing what the glass needs.

Writing involves a lot of those same intangibles for me. I can easily get my characters into tough situations, but getting them out requires my brain to be sharp enough to understand the whole board. Kind of like playing chess, I need to see how moving one character might influence the actions of the others. If I’m feeling a bit dull it’s hard to make those connections.

Today will be better than yesterday, which was better than the day before. I’m getting back to normal, but it’s not a fast process.

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