Through the Lens

Note: I’ve disabled this one for the time being. It doesn’t really fit in with what I’m writing now, and I didn’t want to confuse my brand. If there’s interest in me renewing it, please let me know.

In the sexually charged city of New Orleans, Drake Fall funds his bohemian lifestyle by taking pictures of urban decay and selling them at the local art markets. His true passion, however, is hiring women to pose naked for him as he digs into their hidden yearnings and fears.

When Caroline, one of his models, confronts him on his occupational hazard of falling in love, his life takes a turn from avant-garde toward artistically successful.

Will his relationship with her and the lure of being discovered force him away from what makes his art unique, or can he find a way to combine the demands of the rich with his vision of the women he makes love to with his cameras?