The Road Forsaken


For the crew of the Beast, rest and relaxation are never advisable while outrunning the apocalypse.

Swash Jones has pushed his crew hard, probably too hard, and they’re all showing the effects. His weapons master, Blade, has turned to drinking. Roach and Whisper are barreling headlong into a relationship with potentially monstrous ramifications. Stitch, the seductive medic with a dark past, has lost her professional objectivity. And Swash himself is experiencing the muscle-locking tension of too much guilt and responsibility—which, while he’s behind the wheel of the Beast, could spell the doom of them all.

They all need a break from the struggle of post-apocalyptic survival. When Roach stumbles on a major trading post run by Warlord Inferno, Swash hopes this may provide the distraction his crew needs. The town, populated by traders, gamblers, and slaves, promises to have something for everyone.

However, their rest and relaxation doesn’t last long. As the others pursue tamer personal tasks in town, Blade delves headlong into his vices. When he loses at cards to Scorch, their persistent enemy, the rest of the crew members are forced to mount a rescue. Warlord Inferno’s solution to the infractions in her trading post spins the crew of the Beast into a new set of adventures.