The Road From Oblivion


In the post-apocalyptic wastelands of North America, Swash Jones struggles to find the resources to keep his crew alive. Aboard the earth rover the Beast, they’ll do whatever is necessary to survive, even if that means agreeing to save the world.

As the third-generation captain of the Beast—a century-old earth rover—Swash Jones has endured more than his share of loss. But that’s the way it is for most people in post-apocalyptic North America. To keep his current crew alive, Swash will need to overcome the PTSD that haunts him.

Each member of the crew comes with particular challenges. Swash must be on constant watch for the trader who’s after him for freeing his navigation expert—Whisper—from slavery. He also needs to guard the personal secret of Roach, his pilot, maintain a degree of separation from Stitch, the attractive medic who saved his life, and hang onto Blade, their hired-gun weapons master with a shady past.

Only by keeping his crew together can he maintain the Beast and hope to survive the wastelands, storms, and marauders of daily existence. When Whisper receives a message from her mother over a deactivated satellite, the crew members must combine their skills and test the limits of the Beast to meet the next challenge. Swash’s team will soon prepare for a new mission—one that has the potential to save what’s left of humanity.